Farm Africa invites eligible bidders for the supply of a Laptop computer with a Bag

Opens On: Jun 17, 2022
Closes On: Jun 17, 2022
Region: Addis Ababa
Source: ሪፖርተር ሰኔ 1, 2014

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Invitation to Bid for Laptops Purchase

Farm Africa is an international NGO founded in 1985. with a vision to ensure a prosperous rural Africa. It is a specialist development NGO working with smallholder farmers and forest communities, local governments, and the private sector in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The organization is an expert in the fields of agronomy, livestock, natural resources management, and market engagement. With community engagement underpinning our approach, we design and implement sustainable solutions to rural poverty based on evidence and best practices.

Farm Africa currently wants to invite eligible bidders for the supply of items listed hereunder


Item Description





Laptop computer
with Bag

Core i7 or i5



Interested bidders should collect the detailed specification directly from the farm Africa Ethiopia office or request via email address between 8-16 June 2022

Required qualifications of the supplier

  1. Bidders should submit legal documents (renewed Trade License, Registration, TIN, VAT/TOT certificates)
  2. Bidders should submit a technical proposal with clear specifications of the laptops to be delivered
  3. Bidders should furnish a bid bond amount of 10,000 birrs in the form of a CPO or Bank guarantee.
  4. Bidders should have sufficient laptops in stock and deliver within fifteen (15) days after signing a contract
  5. Bidders shall clearly state their unit price with, number, and total price including VAT/TOT in ETB

N.B: after technical evaluation checking completes, bidders will be evaluated by least price method supplier selection.

Interested bidders should submit their Technical and Financial proposals in two separate files duly labeled as "Technical" and "Financial" proposals. The document must be submitted into the bid box prepared for the purpose at the Farm Africa Addis Ababa office on or before June 17, 2022, at 5 pm. Late bids will be rejected.

Should you have any clarification queries, please forward Befekadu Farm Africa address: Farm Africa Ethiopia Office Ethio Ceramic Bldg. 5th floor, Gurd shola, Tel. 011 557 3325, Fax- 011 557 3332.

Farm Africa Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bids at any time without assigning any reason or reasons whatsoever.

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